About NOUN

The National Open University of Nigeria is Nigeria's leading - and only specialist - provider of open and distance learning at tertiary level. We are also the country's largest tertiary institution in terms of student numbers.

The National Open University of Nigeria operates from its Administrative Headquarters located in Lagos. Nigeria, with study centres throughout the country. Currently the student enrolment stands at over 120,000 and is expected to double by the second quarter of the year.

We currently offer over 50 programmes and 750 courses, stair casing through from certificate to diploma and degree level, and maintain a strong commitment to internationalisation. 

Educating the workforce of today -- and tomorrow -- is a key focus. 

The National Open University of Nigeria consults with industry and employers in developing courses. We also bring international programs from universities around the world.

Our expertise in programme design, course development, learner support systems, great spread of study centres nationwide, focus on life long education and online education, make NOUN well suited to making excellent contributions to Nigeria's Universal basic Education effort and Education For All programmes.


The NOUN Anthem



Mission Statement 
“To provide functional, cost-effective, flexible learning which adds life-long value to quality education for all who seek knowledge.” 

“To be regarded as the foremost University providing highly accessible and enhanced quality education anchored by social justice, equity, equality and national cohesion through a comprehensive reach that transcends all barriers.” 

The National Open University was initially established on 22nd July 1983 as springboard for open and distance learning in Nigeria. It was suspended by the government on 25th April 1984. However, its tremendous and unassailable role in tackling the country’s educational problems including access, equity, and education for all became so evident and consequently its resuscitation was begun on the 12th of April 2001. 

The National Open University of Nigeria dedicates itself to preparing professionals in various disciplines through the distance learning mode. It offers a choice of qualifications from Certificates, Diplomas to Post Graduate Diplomas and Degrees.

The National Open University of Nigeria is designed to increase the access of all Nigerians to formal and non-formal education in a manner convenient to their circumstances. It will also cater for the continuous educational development of professionals such as Teachers, Accountants, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Politicians, Self-employed, Businessmen and Businesswomen. The range of target clientele is elastic and shall be continually reviewed to meet Nigeria’s ever changing needs.

Facts & Figures

  • There are over 120,000 students enrolled in the university.
  • There are about 198 staff comprising management, academic, technology, administrative and other support staff at the Headquarters.
  • There are presently 61 study centres located within Nigeria
  • The orientation exercise for new students have been completed
  • There are over 50 courses of study available at the Open University