eport on the Activities of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency.

Activities of the agency within the time of its establishment can be summarised as follows:

  • Allocation and intensive rehabilitation of the building that will house  Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency in NOUN .
  • Creating la ogo for the Agency
  • Preparing the draft paper on advertisement for recruitment of  staff that will serve in the Agency.
  •  Identification of the websites of all ODL higher education institutions in Africa in preparation for the placement of advertisement for positions in QAAA.
  • Secondment of Dr Rotimi Ogidan  to the ACDE-QAAA as the Acting Co-ordinator for the Agency pending the appointment of a substantive Director as stipulated in the resolution by the ACDE Executive Board.
  • Appointment of Professor  Folu Adu  as the substantive Director of the Agency.
  • Nomination of Dr Ogidan and Dr Jari Sanusi for visiting fellowship in the ACDE Secretariat in Nairobi.
  • Presentation of a paper by the Vice Chancellor of National Open University of Nigeria on the existence of the  ACDE-QAAA during the Commonwealth of Learning Workshop at Abuja in Nigeria and issuance of statement of encouragement to all the ODL institutions (single & dual mode) present to take advantage of the development by partaking in the activities of the ACDE-QAAA.
  • Receipt of the letter of approval from Mr President, Alhaji Umaru  Musa Yar’Adua that the Federal Ministry of Education should accept the offer to accommodate the Continental Office (ACDE-QAAA) in Nigeria. A copy of the   letter has  since been passed to the ACDE  secretariat in Nairobi for information and further action.
  • The search for available ODL institutions in Africa (single &dual mode) for future contacts on activities of the Agency.
  • Commencement of skeletal services that are preparatory to proper take-off of the Agency.
  • Creating a portal for the QAAA to be hosted on the ACDE website after consultations with the ACDE secretariat in Nairobi and ACDE Technical Working Group based in Tanzania
  • The ACDE Executive Board Chairman (Professor Olugbemiro Jegede) represented ACDE and presented a paper at the ICDE Conference for advocacy and sensitisation on the existence of ACDE-QAAA
  • Two NOUN staff represented QAAA and presented a paper in the African Quality Assurance Network Conference organised by the AAU in Ghana.
  • ACDE- QAAA is a founding member of the African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN).


Future Plans
Some of the plans by the agency are as follows:

  • Communicate in writing to all the ODL institutions in Africa about the existence of the Agency and thereby encourage them to  be part of QAAA’s activities.
  • Place advertisement for positions   like senior managers and project supervisors in the ACDE-QAAA on the website so that all the ODL institutions can be reached.
  • Work with the ACDE secretariat in Nairobi to make proper budgetary provisions for the Agency as demanded by the Federal Government of Nigeria
  • Work with NOUN to secure an office accommodation in Abuja as demanded by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Work with the ACDE secretariat to address the issues raised in the letter of approval by the Federal Government to host ACDE-QAAA in Nigeria.


Planned Project Activities

High Level Activity


Planning and Project Development Workshop 25-29 August 2008
Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Establishment of an expert working group to advise the ACDE Board on role, purpose and mandate of the agency

26th August 2008

  1.  Conceptualisation and formulation of operational definition of the nature and role of the ACDE-QAAA

27th August 2008

  1. Scoping the Terms of Reference for the ACDE-QAAA

29th  August 2008

  1. Designing the work and project plan for the ACDE-QAAA

15th September 2008

Output One: Submission of report to ACDE Board for approval by September 2008

  1. Identification of location for situating the ACDE-QAAA

15th November 2008

  1. Determination of commencement date

15th November 2008

  1. Securing premises, allocation, renovation and equipping offices

15th July,2009

  1. Establishment of administrative and operational systems for ACDE-QAAA

28th June, 2009

Output Two: A fully-functional ACDE-QAAA Directorate is set up and adequately resourced to implement its strategies through effective systems and procedures


  1.       Contextualisation of ACDE-QAAA indigenous quality assurance model


15th  Oct, 2009

  1. Development and finalisation of QA       systems, methodology and implementation            strategy for audit and review cycles

15th June, 2010

  1. Development of quality assurance tools and       instruments

15th June, 2010

  1. Engagement of external experts for review         of quality assurance systems

15th  June, 2010

  1. Documentation of the ACDE-QAAA     portfolio with its validated and reliable       instruments and tools

15th  June, 2010


Output Three: ACDE-QAAA quality regime embedded by 15th June, 2010.

14)  Introduction and marketing ACDE-QAAA      amongst ACDE member institutions

15th October 2009

15)       Constitution of an International Reference         Group (IRG)

15th Oct, 2009

16)      Development of ACDE-QAAA marketing    strategy.

15th Oct, 2009

17)   ??/??   Presentations of ACDE-QAAA to     continental fora and bodies (AU, AAU,         NEPAD, MINEDAF)

31st July, 2010

18)      Informing regional and national QA structures   (including professional agencies)

31st July, 2010

Output Four: Advocacy and networking strategy finalised and implemented

19)       Conduct  regional/institutional orientation      and familiarisation workshops

30th Oct, 2009

20)       Development of  a system for the certification and             recognition of human resource pool of    trained experts in quality assurance    processes

28th March, 2010



Output Five: Professional training and capacity enhancement activities implemented as scheduled.

21) Conduct mid-term ACDE-QAAA self-   appraisal exercise and present report

15th June, 2010

22)       Undertake ACDE-QAAA founding phase             performance appraisal and present report

15th June, 2011

23)       Conduct external ACDE-QAAA       performance appraisal and present report

15th June, 2012

Output Six: ACDE-QAAA appraisal and performance review systems successfully conducted