Rationale, Policy, Strategic Objectives and Functions of the ACDE-QAAA


To ensure that Open and Distance Learning institutions in Africa engage in acceptable quality assurance practices through consultation, partnership and collaboration in distance education..

Policy Framework

ACDE-QAAA’s policy centres on reviewing and promoting institutional, national, regional and continental quality assurance and accreditation policies, structures and practices for ODL  in Africa by identifying challenges and gaps.

To draw lessons for the smooth functioning of the continental ODL quality assurance and accreditation agency.

Strategic Objectives

In attempting to sharpen the focus and purpose of the agency, the following five strategic objectives were identified as follows:

To search for and integrate an indigenous model of quality assurance and accreditation that would position African ODL in the global perspective.

To develop a broad mandate and governance structure for continental quality assurance and accreditation agency for ODL in African Higher Education.
To develop a broad framework for collaboration in the development of ODL quality assurance and code of practices.
To construct instruments for monitoring and evaluating quality assurance practices in African ODL Higher Education institutions.
To set up the quality assurance working group as a matter of urgency.


The key functions to enact the strategic objectives are as follows:

To develop the ACDE-QAAA code of practices, policies and standards, and establish criteria for the operation and conduct of ODL in Africa.
To promote the establishment, consolidation, co-ordination and enhancement of institutional, national, regional and continental quality assurance systems for African ODL.
To build capacity of higher ODL institutions in quality development and management for African ODL.
To undertake institutional, national, regional and continental quality assurance audits.
To promote ethical practices and business standards in the provision of ODL.
To provide accreditation to institutions and programmes that meet the established standards, and strive to encourage others to seek accreditation.
To conduct and promote research for the advancement of quality in distance education and open learning in Africa.
To promote collaboration and partnerships with other international distance learning accreditation agencies to improve quality management and practice in distance education in Africa.
To develop systems and procedures through which learners can transfer credits across African ODL higher institutions.