The academic programmes currently on offer at the Proficiency, Certificate and Diploma levels in the Centre for Lifelong Learning include: 

1.   Proficiency Certificate (3 – 6 months duration)  
       a.   Call Centre Skills (CCS)   
       b.   Mobile Phone Repair (MPR)
2.   Academic Certificate (12 months duration)
       a.   Arabic and Islamic Studies (ARA/ISL) 
       b.   Christian Theology (CTH)
       c.   Computer Literacy (CPL)
       d.   Dental Office Practice (DOP)
       e.   French (FRE)
3.   Diploma (2 years duration)
       a.   Arabic and Islamic Studies (ARA/ISL) 
       b.   Business Communication (BSC)
       c.   Christian Theology (CTH)
       d.   Entrepreneurship (ENT) 
       e.   French (FRE)
       f.    Financial Management (FMG)
       g.   Marketing Management (MKG)
       h.   Medical Office Practice (MOP) 

The Centre continuously appraises the needs of the job market and in collaboration with relevant players in specific fields tries to provide necessary skills to learners.