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Structure of Directorate of Information and Communications Technology Department

The Division engage experts in Information Technology, Engineering and Knowledge Management experts to support electronic and computer-mediated learning environment of the University. It is responsible for all computing, multimedia learning materials development, website development and management, database administration, system development, networking and programming activities to aid open and distance teaching and learning.

This division comprises of three units namely: Networking Unit, Communication Unit and Database and Programming Unit.

Networking Unit: This unit is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of all computer networks (Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Virtual Private Network and Metropolitan Network) of the university. The unit is charged with the responsibility to enforce security policies regarding access to networking and other computing resources of the university.

Communication Unit: The unit is responsible for the establishment, installation and maintenance of communication infrastructure and facilities of the university.

Database Unit: The unit is responsible for system analysis, design, testing and implementation of application programmes – those that are developed in-house and third party application software needed for computerising the activities of the university. The unit is also the custodian of the database of the university; to this end it is its duty to enforce needed security polices to ensure that unauthorised person do not have undue access to the data of the university.