It is the duty of the CMDU to:

- Make up-to-date lists of course/resource materials available to the
  various academic units of the university.
- Organise writing workshops on NOUN house style for writers (within &
  outside NOUN) in liaison with the schools.
- Ensure quality assurance of all course materials. 
- Respond promptly to enquiries on course materials from the respective
  schools and study centres.
- Develop an effective administrative structure and strategy for course
  development and course writing.
- Supervise the typesetting and formatting of course materials in line with
  NOUN house style
- Liaise regularly with the respective schools to identify status of
  development of courses.
- Copy-edit course materials written or adapted by programme leaders and
  course coordinators on continuous basis.
- Liaise continually with the Schools, Printing & Publishing unit, Store,
  Multimedia/E-Learning, ITSS/CNS to produce web and non-web materials
  that meet NOUN specified standards and  instructional objectives.
- Release proofs of course materials to the schools.
Dr. Taiye Gefu