Directorate of Learner Support Services - Welcome

We welcome you to the web pages of the Directorate of Learner Support Services, National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN. The main focus of the Learner Support Services, LSS, in NOUN is to help learners maximise the gains, and the purposes of their studentship in all ramifications. We are set up to help learners go through their education at the university with the most minimal difficulties and concerns and to support all categories of learners as they try to go up the educational ladder, thus ensuring that they put forth their very best. This includes getting students develop a sense of belonging to the university, the pride of been university students, cultivating a sense of direction and becoming self motivated to do their work the best they can and going on to graduation at the shortest possible time. We implore you to go carefully through our pages so as to become familiar with what we do, how we do it and our expectations in doing what we do. Please ask us questions, send your suggestions to us, get to know us better and support us to support you to enable us jointly reach the following goals we had set for ourselves:


Our Goals:

  • Publicise and provide usable information about NOUN.
  • Facilitate student learning.
  • Provide tutoring and instructional facilitation for students willing to benefit from such. 
  • Provide multimedia resources and facilities to support student learning
  • Run workshops and conduct seminars on learning strategies and related issues 
  • Help all learners on matters pertaining to time management, study habits, self-understanding etc all geared towards learning without tears at the university.
  • Serve as the bridge between the university and all learners by providing advocacy services.
  • Provide personal psychological counseling and guidance in all required dimensions.
  • Provide vocational guidance and careers development counseling to all students.
  • Provide required support for students with challenges.
  • Help students develop side-line capacities needed and useful in enhancing their success at the university.
  • Help the general public understand better the concept, philosophy and practices of Open and Distance Learning, ODL.
  • Help provide support for supporters across the university.


The Directorate

Learner Support Services came on board as a major arm of the National Open University of Nigeria at inception in 2003. It started as a Unit, but later came to become a Directorate. At the National Open University of Nigeria, an extensive and comprehensive learner support services has been established. It is administered through the Director and his support staff at the Headquarters. The human resources under the director include Study Centre Directors, Student Counsellors and Instructional cum Tutorial Facilitators. A number of ICT staff from a sister Directorate in the University also co-operate with Learner Support Services by providing support services as Knowledge Management Technologists. Yet another Unit, the Visitors Information and Call Centre, VICC, also provides robust information to all callers between the hours of 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Plans are on hand to make services at the centre a 24 X 7 one as well as provide manned chat services for immediate chats and information to clients.

The Directorate, as of now, is made up of:
• Staff in the Headquarters
• Study Centre Directors 
• Student Counsellors 
• Instructional Facilitators
• We also have the Special Study Centres responsible for providing university education through ODL to the military and para-military organizations; incarcerated individuals in the prisons; women in purdah and individuals residing in difficult terrains and hazardous places across the nation.

The Directorate is headed by a Director who is in charge of the affairs and activities of the other six sub-units of the directorate with each being headed by a deputy director. Also, there is a Coordinator who sees to the administration of the Special Study Centers of the University in the directorate.The six sub-units are:

Academic Counseling
This unit is in charge of coordinating the work and activities of the Instructional Facilitators and monitor and supervise matters pertaining to tutoring, TMAs, creation of Learning Circles; matters pertaining to learning habits, and related issues, change of programmes etc.

Vocational Guidance and Career Development Services
This unit is charged with responsibilities for helping learners make needed choices, providing required information services, counseling and on careers related issues

Psycho-social counseling services
This unit deals with matters pertaining to individual and psycho-social issues, orientation, running groups, developmental matters, motivational groups, sensitisation to success and all related matters.

Special Populations
This unit is charged with handling matters relating to special study centres, counseling and relating with special populations including the challenged peoples, following up on their special study materials, linking up with other units of the university to ensure that special arrangements are provided for their orientation, studies, examinations
Capacity and Human Development
This unit handles matters pertaining to workshops, in-service and in-house training for counselors, enhancing their capacity and how to provide support for other support givers within the system, training counselors on the conduct of seminars, workshops, etc for students and staff and the public, 

On-line Support Services.
This unit handles on-line support services, training counselors to counsel on-line, facilitators to tutor on-line and students to use and benefit from on-line platforms and LMS, helping students to maximize the benefits of on-line services etc. It coordinates migration of courses on line and monitors the maintenance of on-line courses etc as advised by the web master.


Prof. Stanley, Ngoa (Director, Learner Support Services)