The Faculty of Law is on the third floor of the National Open University of Nigeria, Headquarters building at 14/16 Ahmadu Belo Way, Victoria Island, Lagos with Dr. (Mrs) Alero T. Akujobi Justus as the Dean of the Faculty. It was established in 2004 at the inception of the University.  The Faculty of Law was transposed from its departmental status in 2007.


The faculty considers its role to be that of providing a sound university education in Law with Godliness.  The Faculty aims at producing graduates who will excel in:

  1. Academic, legal practice and other areas of endeavour.
  2. Have a good grasp of current information technology; and
  3. Be knowledgeable in other areas of human endeavour like psychology, political science, economics philosophy etc., so as to fully appreciate the role that Law plays in the society.

Law is taught in the light of social, political and economic changes, thus placing it in its proper context. 

The programme is designed to make the Student to see in a dim light what openings are available to him/her as a Law student.  He/she can then make a moral sensible choice where to move in and pitch his tent in the legal field; there he/she would specialize by acquiring the necessary and relevant books, skills, tricks and experience, which will guide him/her successfully through life’s journey.