The Faculty is charged with the responsibility of providing qualitative and quantitative education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  This is done through the use of quality course materials in print, CD-ROM, DVD, video conferencing, internet, radio and television broadcast, audio and videos tapes and interactive face- to- face contacts for our teeming number of students and facilitation at the various Study Centres by experienced and seasoned professional; thereby ensuring effective delivery in our University.
The Faculty of Law equips students with the theory and practice of law, the principles of judicial process, legal development and legislative drafting.  The LL.B programme equips students with basic legal education to enhance their admission into the Nigerian Bar whereon they could become Solicitors and Advocates of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
A student of average intelligence, who is diligent in his studies, is expected to complete the law programme leading to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) in 5 years. An extension may be allowed but not beyond 10 years. The only postgraduate study available at present is the postgraduate diploma in Legislative Drafting programme.