The Access and General Studies Centre (AGSC) of the National Open University of Nigeria is situated at the NOUN headquarters in Lagos. The Centre has been charged with the dual responsibilities of coordinating the Access Programme and the General Studies courses.


Access programme is designed to rekindle the lost hope of any learner who is willing to secure qualitative university education by providing access for upgrading the pre-entry requirements for degree programme. One of the mandates of the Centre is to provide access to higher education to those who are short of the required five O’ level credits for admission into degree programmes. This is in keeping with the openness admission policy of the National Open University of Nigeria, an open and distance learning institution. The Access programme is for one academic year of two semesters.


GST courses are compulsory courses that must be taken and passed by all NOUN students before graduation. This is line with the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) mandate to all Universities as contained in the NUC Benchmark 2007. GST courses on offer are meant to equip NOUN graduates with broad based knowledge that cuts across special fields of study. These include courses in using English to communicate, Philosophy and Logic, Nigeria Peoples and Culture, Study skills, Peace and Conflict Resolutions, History and Philosophy of Science. These Courses equip students with knowledge and skills to deal with moral and value issues facing the contemporary society as well as those relating to scientific, economic, social and political issues.


The General studies Centre aims to produce well rounded, morally and intellectually capable graduates with vision and entrepreneurial skills as well as skills in promoting peace. The overall goal of the centre is to equip the NOUN graduates with knowledge, skills and values as contained in the objectives of GST programme as listed in the NUC’s Benchmark (2007) as shown below:

a) Acquisition, development and inculcation of the proper value-orientation for the survival of the individual and society.

b) The development of intellectual capacities of individuals to understand, appreciate and promote peaceful co-existence.

c) Producing graduate with broad knowledge of the Nigerian Nation and people with a view to inculcating in them mutual understanding and patriotism.

d) Exposing graduates of Nigerian Universities to the rudiments of ICT for computer literacy and ability to live usefully in this ICT age.

e) Preparing students for a post university life with opportunities for job creation and entrepreneurial skills

f) Production of graduates capable of communicating effectively.

The Access and General Studies Centre has developed GST courses for the use of NOUN students eight out the 10 GST courses recommended by NUC