Registrars Office

The Deputy Registrar (HR) is responsible to the Registrar for the general Management and administration of the Unit. The main functions of the Unit relate to staff recruitment, placement, postings and transfers, Management and other staff service matters

The Unit is divided into three sub units:

  1. Senior Staff Section
  2. Junior Staff Section
  3. Staff Training/Development and Record

1. Senior staff section is responsible for:

  • All senior staff matters

    Preparation and presentation of reports on senior staff
  • Preparing briefs for Appointment and Promotions Committee (A&PC)

    Servicing Senior staff leave matters
  • Conveying decisions of Management on senior staff
  • Servicing Appointment and Promotion Committee on senior staff
  • Servicing of Senior Management Meeting
  • Shortlisting of candidates for interviews

2. Junior Staff Section is responsible for:

All Junior staff matters such as:

  • Junior Staff Leave matters
  • Conveying decisions of Management on Junior staff
  • Servicing Appointments and Promotions Committee – Junior staff matters
  • Supervision of Junior Staff

3. Staff Training, Development & Records is responsible for:

  • All matters relating to Staff training
  • Computation of terminal benefit of staff
  • Documentation of all new staff
  • Preparing and updating of nominal roll
  • Scrutinizing indebtedness of staff leaving the University and stoppage of their salaries at appropriate time

Staff in the Unit:

  • Mrs. Josephine O. Akinyemi – Registrar
  • Mr. Adefemi O. Oyedipe - Senior Assistant Registrar
  • Mrs.Racheal O. Owhatuemuhor - Principal Confidential Secretary II
  • Mrs.Adaora N. Ogbonnaya - Assistant Registrar
  • Miss.Oluwatosin F. Adeniyi - Administrative Officer II
  • Mrs. Kafayat I.Ajala - Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
  • Mrs. Adebunmi O. Adeleye - Senior Clerical Officer
  • Mr. Adebowale S. Okesola - Clerical Officer
  • Mr. Olatunji A. Ijale - Clerical Officer

    Contact Info: 
    01- 816 639