Between 2004 and 2009 RETRIDAL had organized 25 workshops in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Tanzania.

  1. First Sub-Regional Stakeholders’ Planning Meeting was held in Lagos, May 2004.
  2. Between August 2004 and October 2004, 22 Workshops held in Nigeria (16), Ghana (1), Cameroon (3), The Gambia (1) and Tanzania (1).
  3. In 2005, 180 NOUN staff trained in induction and orientation programmes.
  4. Between 2005 and 2009, about 50 NOUN staff were trained.
  5. Since 2006, more than 200 NOUN staff received advanced orientation in e-learning content development skill, etc.
  6. Since 2005, about 80 NOUN staff received specialized training in instructional designs.
  7. Some 339 non-NOUN course material writers from other institutions of higher education in Nigeria and other countries trained in open and distance learning.
  8. ISD Workshop -26th June -3rd July 2010.
  9. July 2010 New Trends in Teacher Education and Professional Development, held in both Lagos and Abuja.
  10. 21st -24th September 2010, Capacity Building Workshop in Flexible and Blended Approaches to Skills Development for TVET Institutional Heads.
  11. Regional Leadership Training Workshop for Female Academics in West Africa – 12-14th May 2011.
  12. E-Learning Workshop in Ghana- May 18th -21st 2011.
  13. E-Learning Initiative Workshop in Freetown Town, Sierra Leone July 2011.
  14. Research Development Workshop in the Gambia 2011.
  15. Workshop on Wiki Educator for Academic Staff -15th-16th Aug.2011.
  16. One –Day Sensitization Workshop on the mounting of PGDDE Programme in NOUN.
  17. National Workshop on Tutoring and Effective Management of Feedbacks in ODL Abuja February 7th -11th 2012.
  18. Some 248 non-NOUN staff from Cameroon, Ghana, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Tanzania participated in the specialized orientation programmes.
  19. The RETRIDAL research-base journal “West African Journal for Open and Flexible Learning” was successfully launched with its maiden issue appearing in 2011. Two issues of the journal have recently been released from press. Academic staff and others who may wish to publish in the journal are advised to send their papers to the Managing Editor, Prof. Babatunde Ipaye, at the Directorate of Learners Support Services, National Open University of Nigeria, 14-16 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Upcoming Activity:  Workshop on “ Course Material Development for Open and Distance Learning” holding at Ibadan,  27th -30th March 2012