Brief History of the School of Arts & Social Sciences 

As one of the units of the University, the School was the last of four academic units to take off in with a substantive acting Dean December 2003. As part of its mandate, the School’s objectives included the following:

  • Producing well grounded graduates in the humanities, social sciences and law;
  • Producing graduates who are found to be worthy in character and in learning; and
  • Providing opportunities for constant in-service training to enable those who are working or otherwise engaged and are determined to improve themselves academically for greater job mobility and advancement.

Currently, the School has an overseer/programme leader, a course coordinator, and a number of administrative personnel.

The School of Arts and Social Sciences seeks to be regarded as the preferred choice for relevant and accessible education in the humanities, social sciences and law through a technology based delivery approach that reaches all who desire to learn no matter their location or vocation.

In actualising its vision, the School of Arts and Social Sciences aims at providing opportunities for learners to engage in life long learning for the development of language competencies, conflict management skills, leadership skills, and analytical minds as well as consolidating on earlier skills in a rapidly globalising world.

Areas of Excellence/Core Values
The School seeks to be known for innovativeness in it’s providing high quality programmes, promptness in service delivery, and relevance in research, all with the view to promoting capacity building, and life- long learning for the benefit of the community it serves.