Students on SIWES programme shall be assessed using the following criteria and weighting.


i.        Employers Rating – 30%
          This will include the assessment of student’s attitude to work, punctuality and attendance etc.
ii.       Institution’s Supervisors Rating – 20%
          The Supervisors are expected to determine the student’s application of theory to practice.
iii.      IT/SIWES Technical Report – 20%
          The SIWES technical team of the Schools shall examine the students SIWES report and grade accordingly.
iv.      Log-Book – 10%
           The SIWES technical team of the department shall examine the students’ log-book and grade accordingly.

v.       Oral Interview or Seminar by Students – 20%: TOTAL 100%
          Based on the SIWES report and log-book, each student shall be examined orally and graded.  Some universities                    compel their students to present a SIWES seminar at the school level at the end of the SIWES attachment. This may            be difficult for ODL mode of delivery with many study centres all over the country.

1.       Question:     What steps do I take to commence IT/SIWES?
          Answer:       You will take three practical steps to commence IT.

You must have completed the 2nd Semester of your study You must have been accepted for placement in  a recognised organization for your attachment during IT. You must complete the necessary forms 002-005 and participate fully in the orientation prior to posting.

2.       Questions:   In which organisations can I do IT?
          Answer:       The organisations are government establishments, parastatals, private  including industries.

3.       Question:     What is the duration of SIWES?
          Answer:       It is for 6 months at a stretch for degree programmes in Universities.  The ITF will not pay for any period             short of 6 months.
4.       Question:     How much does government pay to students on SIWES?
          Answer:       The current allowance approved by the Federal Government are:

  1. Students      -        N2,500.00 per student per month.
  2. Supervisory -        N 250.00 per student per month.        

5.       Question:     Will there be inspection during IT/SIWES?
          Answer:       Yes, there will be three inspections each by the following:

  1. ITF officials.
  2. Directorate officials.
  3. Lecturers of the Schools.

6.       Question:     Can I undertake SIWES abroad:
          Answer:       Yes, you can but there are some conditions that you must meet before approval is given to undertake                                     SIWES abroad.  Find out details about the conditions from the Directorate.
7.       Question:     What is the IT load of SIWES?
           Answer:      Normally in Universities, one credit unit is assigned to each month of training i.e. a 6-month SIWES carries                               6 credit units.  While A 3-month SIWES duration carries 3 credit units.

8.       Question:     Can one repeat SIWES
          Answer:       Yes, SIWES can be repeated if you fail due to absenteeism, poor presentation of IT report, bad report                                      from employers etc.

          The under-listed publications provided some useful information:

Industrial Training Fund (ITF) 2004:  Information and guideline for Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme p. 6 – 16.
University of Ibadan Industrial Training Coordinating centre.  SIWES Industrial Training Manual p. 2 – 7. 
Mafe Olusegun A.T. (2009).  Guide to successful participation in SIWES. 109p.