Some of the objectives of SIWES are:

  1. To provide an avenue for students in the Nigerian universities to acquire industrial skills and experience during their course of study;
  2. To prepare students for the work situation they are likely to meet after graduation;
  3. To expose the students to work methods and techniques in handling equipment and machinery that may not be available in their universities;
  4. To allow the transition phase from school to the world of working environment easier and facilitate students’ contact for later job placements;
  5. To provide students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real work situation thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice.


The Federal Government, the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), the Supervising Agency, National Universities Commission, NUC, Employers of labour and Institutions have specific roles to play in the management of SIWES.  The roles are:

          1.       The Federal Government

  1. To provide adequate funds to the ITF through the Federal Ministry of  Industry for the  scheme;
  2. To make it mandatory for all ministries, companies and parastatals to offer places to students in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 47 of 1971 as amended in 1990;
  3. . Formulate policies to guide the running of the scheme nationally.

          2.       The Industrial Training Fund (ITF).  This agency is to:

  1. Formulate policies and guidelines on SIWES for distribution to all the SIWES participating bodies;
  2. Provide logistic material needed to administer the scheme;
  3. Organise orientation programmes for students prior to attachment;
  4. Provide information on companies for attachment and assist in industrial placement of students;
  5. Supervise students on Industrial attachment;
  6. Accept and process Master and Placement lists from institutions and supervising agencies;
  7. Vet and process students’ logbooks and ITF Form 8.

          3.       The Supervisory Agencies (NUC, NABTEB, etc)     

The NUC is to:

  1. To ensure the establishment and accreditation of SIWES unit/Directorate in institutions under their jurisdiction;
  2. To vet and approve Master and Placement lists of students from participating institution and forward same to ITF;
    Fund SIWES Directorate adequately in  participating institutions;
  3. To direct for the appointment of full-time SIWES Coordinator/Director;
  4. Review programmes qualified from SIWES regularly;
  5. Participate in the Biennial SIWES conferences and seminars in conjunction with ITF.