The Facult of Sciences in the National Open University of Nigeria ("NOUN") is to be viewed as the foremost school in Nigeria, dedicated to using the open and distance learning mode in training the individual to understand the world around via the acquisition of appropriate scientific skills, abilities and competencies both mental and physical as a means of integrating the individual to become a sound and effective citizen that will positively contributes to the developments of the society.
To plan, develop and offer a variety of programmes in the field of science and technology towards the award of certificates, diploma, and degrees to students in the Faculty and as service courses to other Faculties, centres, and institutes within the university, as well as consultancy services to organizations, and specific groups.
The Faculty of Science and Technology, being an organ of the University is by extension, mandated by the University Council to amongst other duties:

  • Prepare professionals and non-professionals in the various fields of science and technology, through the open and distance learning method;
  • Prepare graduates of sound intellectual pedigree in various fields of science and technological education;
  • Demonstrate that an open and distance learning approach to science and technology education is feasible;
  • Increase the acceptability of the academic programmes of NOUN in a coordinated way, ensuring high quality education at the tertiary level of education;
  • Disseminate learning and knowledge through an innovative multiple media teaching/learning system;
  • Improve the skills and employability of its students;
  • Conduct research on health — related issues;
  • Develop — health ‘related’ awareness for the general public through its nursing programme;
  • Plan, develop and offer academic programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  • Collaborate in the development of courses/programmes offered by other Faculties of the university;
  • Provide consultancy to organisations and training to individuals or corporate bodies;