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Postgraduate Transcripts Application


The steps to be followed by a postgraduate alumnus/alumna or student to apply for postgraduate transcripts are outlined below:

  • Please note that academic transcripts are not sent to individuals but recognised tertiary institutions.
  • If a transcript applicant wants his/her transcript to be sent to a non-academic institution or corporate organisation like a credentials-assessing agency, an NGO, an MDA, etc, he/she would have to request the organisation to write on his/her behalf to the “The Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies…” in its letterhead and such letter must be duly signed by the appropriate Officer.
  • Approved transcript processing fee for local destinations is ₦10,000, while for international destinations is ₦30,000 (for Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) and ₦50,000 (Zones 6, 7, 8). Please see ‘Start Application‘ to view the list of countries against each zone.
  • Alumni seeking admission into any postgraduate programme within the University are NOT required to pay for transcript. They are to proceed and make their application without payment. Note that the University Management will not entertain any request for a refund after payment is made in error!
  • Payment is only to be made via the Remita platform at  as follows:

a. In the field for “Search here for a biller,” type “NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY – 051702400100” (take note not to pay into any other account)
b. Under “Name of Service/Purpose” select “Academic Transcript
c. Ignore the field for “GIFMIS CODE (If unknown contact the MDA)”
d. In the field for “Description”, type “Postgraduate Transcript
e. Then, enter other relevant details and pay online or at the bank.

  • Payment of cash or any additional amount outside the aforementioned approved fee to any official of the University is PROHIBITED.
  • A transcript applicant is to complete the fields provided on the transcript application page and upload the following documents: a copy of the certificate/notification of result, Remitareceipt, application letter from a corporate body (if applicable), and transcript label/reference (if applicable).
  • After submission, an acknowledgment message would be sent to the applicant via our email:
  • The Records Unit of the School of Postgraduate Studies could also be reached for further clarification through the above email and our dedicated telephone line: 0811-503-2088 (between 9am – 4pm, on working days only).
  • Processing timeline is 5 – 15 working days; within this period, the School of Postgraduate Studies of the National Open University of Nigeria pledges to have processed the application for shipment. However, the arrival or receipt of dispatched transcripts at the chosen destination will depend on the location.
  •  Once dispatched, an applicant would be notified via email.
  • If you have paid and obtained the Remitareceipt, please click Start Application below to commence the process.
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