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Welcome to Bursary, a directorate in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Lagos. We are poised to provide financial guide to management, custodian of study and other materials, act as interface for the University with students, Government agencies and other parties and lots more.


Bursar, NOUN

General Information

Being the bedrock of the university finances, the Directorate has Seven main units viz:

  • Treasury and Fund management
  • Final Accounts & Reports
  • Expenditure
  • Budgetary control Payroll
  • Students Accounts
  • Store & Warehouse
  • Business and Auxiliary Services Unit (BASU)

Each of the units above is headed by Chief Accountants who are professionals in their respective fields.

Services and Activities

The Directorate is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Provision of financial information to management for day-to-day activities and other supervisory bodies- Accountant General Office, Auditor General Office, National University Commission and other relevant governmental agencies.
  • Responsible for the preparation of the University accounts and its statutory audit as at when due.
  • Responsible for safe guarding of University assets in all the locations
  • Liaise with financial Institutions – Banks, Insurance companies, Pension fund Administrators on behalf of the University.
  • Responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds.
  • Recipient and custodian of study and other materials of the University.
  • Act as interface with students having PIN Code problems.
  • Assisting students in their registration exercise.
  • Budget and budgetary control and continual matching of budget to actual for variance analysis purpose.
  • Advice management on variances that would impact negatively on the school’s finances.


Nasir Marafa: 08039516831
E-mail address:




                                                BURSAR’S OFFICE

1.Mr. Nasir Marafa.    -BURSAR

2. DANGANA, John A.            -Principal assistant Registrar

3. Mr. CHIMEZIE, Noah A.      – Senior Assistant Registrar

4. IKALUMHE, Francisca        -Assistant Registrar

5. SIMON Monica                    -Senior Environmental Attendant

6. Nelson Faith                        -Senior Clerical Officer

7. OLUMO Aron Aronto           -Clerical Officer


8. ODEBODE Funso Babatunde      -Director

                                           EXPENDITURE AND CONTROL UNIT

9. Mr. FALOLU, Kolawole M.             -Deputy Bursar

10. Mr. UJADUGHELE Charles          -Chief Accountant

11. ALHAJI Attayi A.                            -Principal Exec. Officer(Acct)

12. ABBAH David Achem                    -Senior Accountant

13. NEJO Adeyemi Victor                   -Senior Accountant

14. YAKUBU Monday                          -Accountant I

15. OGUNLOYE M. Oluwaseun         -Accountant II

16. ISA Jibrin                                     -Executive officer

17. IKIRA Aliyu Mustapha                 -Asst. exect officer

18. OBEDIENT Ubochi                      -Senior Environmental Attendant               

                                        BUDGET UNIT

19. ALE, Akin Solomon                       -Deputy Bursar

20. CHUKWUTO O. Nnamdi             -Deputy Bursar

21. MAMUDU Khalid                          -Principal Accountant

22. LOIS John Istabus                       -Senior Exect Officer(Acct)

                                     TREASURY & FINANCE UNIT

23. IBRAHIM Ramatu  O.                    -Deputy Bursar

24. Mr. EJETEH Christopher                -Chief Accountant

25. Mr. ADENUBI M. Adeyinka             -Principal Accountant

26. Mr. UGAGBE Friday O.                   -Senior Accountant

27. ROSEMARY Audu                           -Senior Accountant

28. Miss OJIEH, Blessing Ngozi            -Senior Accountant

29. OGBONA Ifeoma Joy                       -Accountant  II

                                FINAL ACCOUNTS & REPORT UNIT

30. ISIAKA Taofiq                                   -Chief Accountant

31. NWAGBA Felix N.                            -Chief Accountant

32. AUTA Solomon A.                             -Senior Accountant

33. BASSEY, Enefiok Effiong                 -Senior Accountant

34. FOLASADE Oladele                         -Senior Accountant

35. IPAYE David O.                                 -Chief Clerical Officer


36. Mr. Awoyemi, E. Paul                         -Chief insurance Officer

37. URIYOM Peter Mashem                     -Principal Accountant

38. EBINUM O. Augusta                            -Higher Exec. Off. (Insurance)

39. OLABISI B. Aliu                                     -Accountant II

40. SAIDU Shuaibu                                     -Asst.Chief Clerical Officer

                                                PAYROLL UNIT

41. SHADO Samson                                    -Deputy Bursar

42. USENI Yusuf Onwude                            -Principal Accountant

43. Mrs. ADAGIRI Patience Onya                -Principal Accountant

44. HOSEA Nanwal Dakorom                       -Senior Accountant

45. AISHATU Ibrahim                                    -Accountant II

46. UDEGBUNAM Esther Ifeoma                 -Accountant  II

47. OBIAGELI Nwuya                                    -Accountant  II

48. Patience Yakubu Edeoeje                       -Assistant Executive Officer (Acct)

49. ISAH Muhammed Gulak                          -SNR. Environment Attendant

                                      STUDENTS ACCOUNT UNIT

50. Mr. AKOM, Paul                                      -Deputy Bursar

51. Mr. OYEWOLE Akinola James                -Chief Accountant

52. Mr. ENEJO, Anthony O.                          -Principal Accountant

53. Miss ANYAOGU Georgina Ijeoma           -Senior Accountant

54. OBETEN Monday Brenden                      -Accountant II

55. Miss FIONA E. Igbogbo                            -Accountant

56. ABUBAKAR Lawan Abdullahi                   -Executive Officer


57. Mr. Patrick Opara                                      -Chief Store Officer

58. ARUBI Napolen F.                                      -Deputy Chief Store Officer

59. Mrs. ONIRETI, Ganiyat T.                           -Principal Store Officer

60. Mr. EKUNDAYO Rowland                           -Principal Store Officer

61. BRIDGET Momoh                                       -Principal Store Officer

62. Mr. Nwonu N. Christian                               -Principal Store Officer

63. OGBONA Izuchi Joy                                    -Senior Store Officer

64. OBERIGBO Agadigbo O.                             -Store officer I

65. EBUTE A. Sunday                                       -Store officer I

66. OBIJURU Georgenia O.                               -Store officer I

67. ODUNUKAN Bukola Yemisi                          -Higher Exec. officer(Acct.)

68. CLEMENT O. Moris                                       -Higher Exec. officer(Stores)


69. NATHANIEL Peter Daul                                 -Senior Store Officer

70. EYIKA Olu Samson                                        -Heo (Store)

71. MUSA Teri Ali                                                 -Heo (Store)

72. OIBOH E.John                                               -Heo (Store)

                                 WARE-HOUSE, JABI JUNIOR-STAFF

73. GEORGE Ameh                                              -Assistant Store Officer

74. BALA Zakari Umar                                           -Asst. Chief Clerical officer

75. MUSA Ahmed Tomai                                         -Assistant Store Officer

76. ISHIAKA Rabiu Hasan                                       -Assistant Store keeper

77. ABDULLAHI Adamu                                           -Senior Store Keeper

78. AGUNNANA Gift D.                                             -Clerical Officer

79. DALU N. Sara                                                      -Environmental Attendant

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