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e-Courseware Instructions

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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitLevelSemesterHost Faculty
Student's Record Of Clinical ExperiencesHealth Sciences
EHS202Introduction To Ecology And Environmental Science2Health Sciences
32001Health Sciences
42001Health Sciences
22001Health Sciences
Nsc211Medical Micro Biology & Parasitology32001Health Sciences
32001Health Sciences
32001Health Sciences
Ehs201General Microbiology22001Health Sciences
EHS209General Biochemistry Practical Manual12001Health Sciences
EHS213General Microbiology Laboratory Practical Manual12001Health Sciences
EHS205Climate Change And Contemporary Issues22001Health Sciences
EHS508Health Psychology And Sociology22001Health Sciences
EHS 202Introduction To Ecology And Environmental Science22001Health Sciences
EHS210Biodiversity And Climate Change22001Health Sciences
PED221Developmental Psychology22001Health Sciences
PHS217General Microbiology32001Health Sciences
PHS203Introduction To Public Health32001Health Sciences
PHS201Anatomy32001Health Sciences
NSC209Physical And Health Assessment22001Health Sciences
PHS204Introduction To Sociology32002Health Sciences
EHS203Hygiene Education And Promotion2002Health Sciences
EHS211Pollution Control2002Health Sciences
EHS204Introduction To Environmental Health22002Health Sciences
PHS202Nutrition In Health And Disease32002Health Sciences
PHS210Introduction To Biostatistics32002Health Sciences
NSC210Introduction To Sociology Ii32002Health Sciences
CHS314Primary Ear, Nose And Throat Care300Health Sciences
EHS316Immunology And Immunisation23001Health Sciences
EHS302General Pathology33001Health Sciences
EHS304Food Safety And Hygiene3001Health Sciences
EHS310Control Of Communicable And Non-Communicable Diseases3001Health Sciences
EHS305General Entomology3001Health Sciences
EHS303Introduction To General Parasitology3001Health Sciences
EHS301Introduction To Basic Instrumentation And Use3001Health Sciences
NSC312Maternal And Child Health Nursing Ii33001Health Sciences
NSC306Medical Surgical Nursing Ii33001Health Sciences
NSC314Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing I33001Health Sciences
NSC316Public-Community Health Nursing I33001Health Sciences
NSC305Medical Surgical Nursing I33001Health Sciences
NSC309Maternal And Child Health I43001Health Sciences
NSC301Human Behaviour In Health And Illness23001Health Sciences
NSC307Clinical Pharmacology And Chemotherapy33001Health Sciences
NSC303NSC 303 Concepts and Strategies in Public Community Health23001Health Sciences
EHS317Solid Waste Management23001Health Sciences
EHS319Introduction to Demography33001Health Sciences
PHS311Child Health33001Health Sciences
PHS303Introduction To Clinical Laboratory Techniques23001Health Sciences
PHS301Health Management Information Systems33001Health Sciences
EHS322Reproductive Health23002Health Sciences
EHS320Environmental Health Economies23002Health Sciences
EHS315International Port Health Services3002Health Sciences
EHS321Health Safety And Environment3002Health Sciences
EHS314Environmental Health Service in Emergency Situation3002Health Sciences
EHS313Environmental Health Information System23002Health Sciences
EHS318Introduction To Water Resources Management3002Health Sciences
EHS311Introduction To Environmental Management3002Health Sciences
EHS312Housing And Building Construction23002Health Sciences
EHS308Environmental Biotechnology33002Health Sciences
EHS306Sanitary Inspection Of Premises23002Health Sciences
PHS326Public Health Practical I (Field Work)33002Health Sciences
PHS322Community Mobilization And Participation33002Health Sciences
PHS318Principles Of Epidemiology33002Health Sciences
PHS312Oral Health Care23002Health Sciences
PHS308Health Management I & Ii33002Health Sciences
PHS302Organization Of School Health33002Health Sciences
PHS305Seminars In Public Health23002Health Sciences
EHS401Meat Inspection, Abattoir And Slaughter Slap Management400Health Sciences
EHS407Research Methodology And Proposal Writing400Health Sciences
EHS415Public Utilities And Environment Health Issues400Health Sciences
PHS401Reproductive And Adolescent Health24001Health Sciences
EHS417Environmental Health Sciences24001Health Sciences
NCS403Management In Nursing4001Health Sciences
NSC402Medical Surgical Nursing Iv44001Health Sciences
NSC401Medical Surgical Nursing Iii44001Health Sciences
NSC411Research Methods and Seminar Writing34001Health Sciences
NSC407Health Economics24001Health Sciences
NSC412Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing Ii34001Health Sciences
EHS 405Environmental Health Administration24001Health Sciences
EHS403Environmental Health Laboratory34001Health Sciences
EHS411Environmental Toxicology34001Health Sciences
PHS421Research Methods In Public Health34001Health Sciences
EHS409Sewage & Waste Water Management24001Health Sciences
PHS403Accident And Emergency24001Health Sciences
EHS419Sanitary Engineering24002Health Sciences
EHS413Urban Planning And Sustainable Development34002Health Sciences
NSC405Curriculum Development In Nursing And Teaching-Learning Methods4002Health Sciences
NSC406Medical Surgical Nursing Practicum34002Health Sciences
NSC416Public Community Health Nursing II44002Health Sciences
EHS402Industrial Attachment/Siwes64002Health Sciences
PHS430Community Health Practical Ii (Field Work)34002Health Sciences
PHS426Essential Drugs And Public Health Pharmacology34002Health Sciences
PHS404Occupational Health & Safety34002Health Sciences
PHS402Introduction To Public Health Laws44002Health Sciences
EHS510Concepts Of Monitoring And Evaluation500Health Sciences
EHS505Environmental Epidemiology500Health Sciences
EHS513Industrial Safety500Health Sciences
EHS514Pests Management, Methods And Controls500Health Sciences
NSC505Material And Child Health Nursing Iii500Health Sciences
NSC508Fundamental Of Nursing Informatics500Health Sciences
EHS517Biometeorology25001Health Sciences
NSC501Advanced Public- Community Health Nursing 135001Health Sciences
PHS505Community Mental Health25001Health Sciences
NSC503Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing Iii5001Health Sciences
EHS503Water Air Quality Management25001Health Sciences
EHS520Biomedical And Special Waste15001Health Sciences
EHS518Concept Of Community Sanitation And Disease Prevalence15001Health Sciences
NSC509Gerontological Nursing35001Health Sciences
NSC511Ophthalmology Nursing35001Health Sciences
EHS501Seminar15001Health Sciences
EHS504Occupational Health & Safety35001Health Sciences
PHS599Research Project55001Health Sciences
PHS511Applied Epidemiology (Communicable And Non-Communicable Diseases)35001Health Sciences
PHS509Geriatrics, Gerontology And Care Of Persons With Disabilities25001Health Sciences
PHS507Outreach And Mobile Health Services25001Health Sciences
NSC502Advanced Public- Community Health Nursing Iii35002Health Sciences
PHS524Health Education & Promotion35002Health Sciences
EHS512Emergency Medical Care35002Health Sciences
NSC512Occupational Nursing35002Health Sciences
EHS509Environmental Health Regulations, Policies And Laws25002Health Sciences
EHS502Research Project45002Health Sciences
PHS512Seminars In Core Areas Of Public Health65002Health Sciences
PHS520Community Posting (Internship5002Health Sciences
EHS507Environmental Health Laboratory Practice5003Health Sciences
HEM745Management And Care Of Hiv/Aids37001Health Sciences
HEM731Communication And Counselling In Hiv/Aids27001Health Sciences
HEM717Economics Of Hiv/Aids27001Health Sciences
HEM710Health System Management27001Health Sciences
HEM707Biostatistics27001Health Sciences
HEM705Human Behaviour In Illness37001Health Sciences
HEM704Basic Anatomy And Physiology Of Human Body27001Health Sciences
HEM701Basic Of Family Education37001Health Sciences
HEM712Legal And Ethical Issues In Hiv/Aids37002Health Sciences
HEM709Primary Health Care And Hiv/Aids37002Health Sciences
HEM706Alcohol, Drug And Hiv/Aids37002Health Sciences
HEM700Project67002Health Sciences
HEM742Global Initiatives On Hiv/Aids27002Health Sciences
HEM726Clinical, Diagnostic And Therapeutic Services Of Hiv/Aids27002Health Sciences
HEM703Disease, Illness And Society37002Health Sciences
HEM702Basics Of Hiv/Aids37002Health Sciences
PHS803Epidemiology28001Health Sciences
PHS819Health Promotion And Education And Its Advances28001Health Sciences
PHS815Health Care Financing28001Health Sciences
PHS809Social Medicine28001Health Sciences
PHS813Biostatistics And Applications38001Health Sciences
PHS805Research Methods In Public Health38001Health Sciences
PHS801Introduction To Public Health And Primary Health Care28001Health Sciences
PHS807Environmental Health28001Health Sciences
PHS817Occupational Health38001Health Sciences
PHS818Public Health Microbiology And Entomology38001Health Sciences
PHS812Global Health28001Health Sciences
PHS804Maternal And Child Health28002Health Sciences
PHS810Pharmacology And Therapeutics In Public Health28002Health Sciences
PHS820Introduction To Stress Management & Coping Measures In Public Health28002Health Sciences
PHS839Psychological Foundation Of Healthy Behaviour And Change38002Health Sciences
PHS802Introduction To Public Health Nutrition38002Health Sciences
PHS811Principles Of Health Planning And Management28002Health Sciences
PHS821School Health28002Health Sciences
NSC215 HUMAN ANATOMY 1 General & Musculoskeletal Anatomy.pdf22001Health Sciences
NSC214General and Cellular Pathology22001Health Sciences
NSC216Human Anatomy III22001Health Sciences
NSC217Human Anatomy II22001Health Sciences
NSC218Human Anatomy IV22001Health Sciences
NSC219Foundation of Professional Nursing22001Health Sciences
NSC220Foundation of Professional Nursing II22001Health Sciences
NSC221Human Physiology I 22001Health Sciences
NSC222Human Physiology II22001Health Sciences
EHS206Hygiene Education and Promotion in Environmental Health 22001Health Sciences
EHS208Hygiene Education & Promotion22001Health Sciences
EHS207General Biochemistry for Environmental Health32001Health Sciences
PHS823Public Health Practicum Manual48002Health Sciences
EHS515Pollution Control25001Health Sciences
NSC313Development Psychology as applied in Nursing23001Health Sciences
NSC403Management in Nursing24001Health Sciences
NSC310Nursing Ethics and Jurisprudence33001Health Sciences
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