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NOUN Information and Call Centre (NICC)


About Us

NOUN Information and Call centre (NICC) is the designated unit responsible for providing relevant and accurate information about the institution to all who engage with NOUN. Within the NICC is a strategic student support hub, dedicated to respond to, and resolve students’ challenges & enquiries, concerning the University, that they may encounter throughout their studies, via phone calls, e-ticketing, eMail and face-to-face interaction.

NICC is poised to deliver top-tier support services to students beyond their expectations. These services are designed to guarantee student success throughout their entire academic journey, from enrolment to graduation and beyond.

It is in our character to be courteous and professional at all times in our response to every challenge from all who interacts with us face-to-face, via phone calls, emails and other mediums of communication. We maintain easy, friendly and responsive platform, (e-ticketing), which effectively addresses enquiries and challenges within specified resolution timelines. We strive to address the root cause(s) of students’ dissatisfaction satisfactorily, thereby engendering loyalty and support within our student community.


To provide exceptional service delivery and support, anchored in prompt, accurate and deeply satisfactory experience for our students and all who engage with NOUN.


To provide relevant information and ensure accessibility to an open and responsive platform that effectively addresses enquiries or challenges within specified resolution timelines, as well as address the root causes of student dissatisfaction, thereby engendering satisfaction, happiness and loyalty of our students.


Ensuring students’ satisfaction at all times

Director/Head: Wosilatu Ainodion Email:


Admissions Support

  • Our esteemed members of staff, referred to as “Agents” assist students in making well-informed choices about the faculties and degree programmes offered.
  • NICC offers pre-admission support to prospective students, and orientation to admitted students on fee payment flexibility, course registration, and any additional guidance.
  • Responding to enquires via phone calls, e-mail, face-to-face interaction and other mediums of communication.

Technical Support

  • NICC provides prompt technical response(s) to students who are unable to access their portal, e-mail, as well as navigate the NOUN website.
  • At all our Study Centres, we have counsellors in place to efficiently handle and resolve a wide range of issues, whether they are academic or personal in nature.


The E-ticket system offers NOUN Students an efficient alternative to the time-consuming traditional methods of addressing their concerns. Tailored for NOUN Students, this platform enables them to submit enquiries or challenges through, which ensures a swift response without the necessity of personally visiting the Study Centres or the University Headquarters.

Benefits of E-ticket

  • Students’ enquires/challenges are promptly resolved
  • Flexibility
  • Easy accessibility and user-friendly interface
  • Cost-effective
  • Fosters functional communication between students and the institution
  • Enhances, tracks progress and provides real-time updates for students
  • Hassle-free complaint resolution
  • Seamless student access to statement of results

Who is eligible to raise an E-ticket?

An E-ticket can be raised by a student, who has completed registration and assigned a matriculation number.

N.B:  Access to the E-ticket support platform is not available for students who have graduated. They can, however, contact us via phone call through the numbers listed below:

(+234) 08038514090, 09082907092, 09056463036, 08079917938.

or e-mail ( or visit any of our Study Centres


  • Academic Registry
  • E-Learn Portal
  • Email and Courseware
  • E-Ticketing Complaints
  • Examination/Result Issues
  • Faculty/Departmental Issues
  • Industrial Training (SIWES)
  • Postgraduate School (SPGS)
  • Students Portal Issues
  • Students Account


  • Log into your Browser (e. g, Google, Chrome, Explorer etc.)
  • Type in
  • On the Dashboard, click on “click here to contact student-based support system”
  • To raise a Ticket, input your Matric Number and phone number in the spaces provided.
  • Click and select a category that is relevant to your complaints/enquiries.
  • Select a “sub category” that is relevant to your complaints/enquiries.
  • Click on the message box and narrate your complaints/enquiries.
  • Attach relevant document, if necessary.You can upload a PDF document or photo in the next space provided, then click “send.”
  • A message with a reference number will appear on your screen, use that number to track your inquiry.
  • Please access the link below to watch a tutorial video on how to raise a ticket


For easy access to raise a ticket, click on the link:



S/NO                   NAME DESIGNATION
1 Wosilatu Ainodion Deputy Registrar/Head NICC
2 Sanusi Christy Wanka Senior Assistant Registrar
3 Anne Chinwe Udemu Assistant Registrar
4 Agnes D. Jayeoba Assistant Registrar
5 Stella O. Oyekunle Assistant Registrar
6 Faith U. Ekele Admin Officer I
7 Ekoja Joseph A. Admin Officer I
8 Dorcas U. Agbo Admin Officer I
9 Johanes G.Pwajok Admin Officer I
10 Ajayi Omoniyi Admin Officer I
11 Eunice Badero Admin Officer 1
12 Emmanuel Oboro Olowola Statistician I
13 Rhoda Maiyaki John Admin Officer II
14 Patience O. Otene Admin Officer II
15 Blessing Nnenna Rogers Admin Officer II
16 Blessing Tari Kpete Admin Officer II
17 Cyril Michael Awoji Higher Executive Officer
18 Godwin Ugbede Akor Higher Executive Officer
19 Dele Idris Baba Higher Executive Officer
20 Sunday Oche Higher Executive Officer
21 Khamis Hassan Mahdi Senior Confidential Secretary
22 Okama Ugbede Assistant Executive Officer
23 Ameh Ene Juliana Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
24 Daniel Galadima Senior Clerical Officer
25 Ajoke O. Uthman Chief Clerical Officer
26 Joses Peter Chief Clerical Officer
27 LUCKY Blessing Akudo Executive Officer
28 Nwachukwu Chinwenwa Florence Executive Officer
29 Iwu Bright Eddymond Executive Officer
30 Sa’adatu Bala-sa’du Senior Environmental Attendant

Contact us via phone calls through the numbers listed below:

 +2348038514090  +2349082907092   +2349056463036  +2348079917938

Via Email on: 

E Ticket Platform:

Head: Wosilatu Ainodion
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