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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitLevelSemesterHost Faculty
ESM292Environmental Economics2Social Sciences
POL 126Citizen And The Estate100Social Sciences
POL 124Organisation Of Government100Social Sciences
POL 123Pol123100Social Sciences
POL124Organisation Of Government3100Social Sciences
POL123Introduction To Public Administration100Social Sciences
POL 111Elements Of Political Science100Social Sciences
FMC113History Of Film And Cinema21001Social Sciences
DES111Introduction to Development Studies I21001Social Sciences
JLS111Introduction to Journalism
31001Social Sciences
TSM147Tourism Policy And Planning21001Social Sciences
TSM145Geography Of Tourism21001Social Sciences
TSM143Tourism Services & Operations21001Social Sciences
TSM141Understanding Tourism21001Social Sciences
POL123Introduction To Public Administration31001Social Sciences
POL121Introduction To African Politics31001Social Sciences
PCR115Introduction to Conflict Resolution Processes I31001Social Sciences
MAC121Introduction to News Writing & Reporting
31001Social Sciences
MAC117Writing for Mass Media I
21001Social Sciences
INR121Structure Of The International System21001Social Sciences
INR111Introduction To International Studies21001Social Sciences
MAC115African Communication Systems I
21001Social Sciences
MAC113History of Nigeria Mass Media
21001Social Sciences
MAC111Introduction to Mass Communication
31001Social Sciences
PCR113Introduction to Peace Education
31001Social Sciences
PCR111Introduction to Peace Studies31001Social Sciences
POL111Elements Of Political Science31001Social Sciences
ENT121Principles And Practice Of Insurance21001Social Sciences
ECO153Introduction to Quantitative Methods31001Social Sciences
ECO121Principles of Economics I31001Social Sciences
CSS134Geography Of Nigeria31001Social Sciences
CSS133Introduction To Criminology I21001Social Sciences
CSS131Introduction To Political Science31001Social Sciences
CSS121Introduction To Psychology31001Social Sciences
CSS111Introduction To Sociology31001Social Sciences
FMC116Elements of Film Production21002Social Sciences
PHL102Ancient Philosophy21002Social Sciences
MAC132Principles of Advertising and Sales Promotion
21002Social Sciences
TSM146The Cultural Heritage21002Social Sciences
TSM144Tourism Marketing21002Social Sciences
TSM142Tourism As An Industry21002Social Sciences
ECO154Introduction To Quantitative Methods Ii21002Social Sciences
PCR112Democracy and Good Governance31002Social Sciences
POL124Organization Of Government31002Social Sciences
INR162International Migration I21002Social Sciences
INR142Introduction To Public Administration21002Social Sciences
INR132International Politics Of Africa21002Social Sciences
INR112Introduction To Law And Diplomacy In Pre-Colonial Africa21002Social Sciences
MAC142Introduction to Radio and Television
31002Social Sciences
MAC134Principles and Practice of Public Relation
21002Social Sciences
MAC118Writing for Mass Media II
21002Social Sciences
MAC116African Communication Systems II
21002Social Sciences
PCR114Introduction To Conflict Resolution31002Social Sciences
ECO146The Nigeria Economy in Perspective I31002Social Sciences
ECO122Principles of Economics II31002Social Sciences
CSS152Introduction To Nigeria Criminal Law31002Social Sciences
POL126Citizens And The State31002Social Sciences
CSS136Intro To Criminology Ii31002Social Sciences
CSS132Ethnography And Social Structure Of Nigeria31002Social Sciences
CSS112Sociology Of Law31002Social Sciences
POL 216Evolution Of Nigeria Local Government200Social Sciences
POL 215History Of Political Thought 1200Social Sciences
ECO292Environmental Economics2200Social Sciences
FMC217Films and Aesthetics Theory22001Social Sciences
FMC221Fundamentals Of Scriptwriting, Directing And Acting22001Social Sciences
FMC215Principles Of Sound Recording And Editing In Films22001Social Sciences
FMC212Visual Language Of Film22001Social Sciences
FSS211Social Science Statistics2001Social Sciences
DES2162001Social Sciences
DES215Nigerian Economy In Perspective 12001Social Sciences
DES218Communication and Development22001Social Sciences
DES112 Introduction to Development Studies II22001Social Sciences
DES219Climate Change and Development22001Social Sciences
DES211Environment and Sustainable Development">Environment and Sustainable Development22001Social Sciences
DES220Poverty, Inequality and Development">Poverty, Inequality and Development22001Social Sciences
PCR261Culture Values And Conflicts In War32001Social Sciences
INR261Culture, Values and Conflicts in War22001Social Sciences
TSM243Tourist Sites: Products & Operations I22001Social Sciences
TSM241Understanding Tourist And Hosts22001Social Sciences
POL231Essentials Of International Relations And Diplomacy32001Social Sciences
POL221Nigerian Government And Politics I22001Social Sciences
POL223Foundations Of Political Economy32001Social Sciences
POL211Nigerian Legal System32001Social Sciences
POL231Essentials Of International Relations And Diplomacy32001Social Sciences
INR251Evolution Of Modern International System22001Social Sciences
INR231South-South Cooperation22001Social Sciences
INR211International Law And Diplomacy In The 19th Century22001Social Sciences
MAC225News Writing & Reporting
22001Social Sciences
MAC223Magazine & Feature Article Writing
32001Social Sciences
MAC221Editing & Graphics of Communication
22001Social Sciences
MAC213Foundation of Communication Research
22001Social Sciences
Theories of Mass Communication
32001Social Sciences
PCR211Education for Peace II32001Social Sciences
ECO247The Nigerian Economy In Perspective Ii32001Social Sciences
ECO255Mathematics For Economist 122001Social Sciences
ECO253Statistics for Economist I32001Social Sciences
ECO231Micro Economic Theory I22001Social Sciences
CSS245Security Planning, Development And Organization22001Social Sciences
PCR271Understanding Conflict and War32001Social Sciences
CSS211The Sociology Of Crime And Delinquency22001Social Sciences
CSS243Principles Of Security Practice And Management32001Social Sciences
CSS241Basic Security And Security Threats32001Social Sciences
DES222Technology and Socioeconomic Development22002Social Sciences
DES221Social Change and Development22002Social Sciences
TSM244Tourist Sites: Products & Operations Ii22002Social Sciences
TSM252Field Trip22002Social Sciences
POL224Nigerian Government And Politics Ii32002Social Sciences
PCR276Perception and Conflict32002Social Sciences
POL228Introduction To Comparative Politics32002Social Sciences
POL226Organization And Administrative Theories32002Social Sciences
POL216Evolution Of Nigerian Local Government32002Social Sciences
POL212Basic Statistics For Social Sciences32002Social Sciences
INR262International Migration Ii22002Social Sciences
POL214Introduction To Political Analysis32002Social Sciences
INR242Pre-Colonial African Diplomacy32002Social Sciences
INR232Introduction To Foreign Policy32002Social Sciences
INR222Europe From French Revolution To The World Wars32002Social Sciences
INR212International Law And Diplomacy In The 20th Century32002Social Sciences
MAC246Educational Broadcasting
22002Social Sciences
MAC242Foundations of Broadcasting
32002Social Sciences
MAC232Environmental Public Relations
32002Social Sciences
MAC214Investigative and Interpretative Reporting
22002Social Sciences
INR221History And Practice Of Diplomacy22002Social Sciences
MAC224Media And Society32002Social Sciences
ECO256Mathematics For Economist Ii22002Social Sciences
ECO254Statistics for Economist II32002Social Sciences
ECO232Micro Economics Theory II22002Social Sciences
PCR276Perception And Conflict32002Social Sciences
MAC212Media and Society32002Social Sciences
CIT208Information Systems22002Social Sciences
PCR274Introduction To Conflict Transformation32002Social Sciences
PCR272Concepts and Practice of Peace Building32002Social Sciences
CSS246Legal And Social Framework Of Private Security Services In Nigeria32002Social Sciences
CSS242Measurements And Patterns Of Crimes And Deliquency32002Social Sciences
CSS244Types And Analysis Of Security Threats32002Social Sciences
CSS212The Sociology Of Punishment And Corrections32002Social Sciences
DES320Food Security And Sustainable Livelihood23001Social Sciences
DES317Public Polities and Governance33001Social Sciences
DES315Project Management, Monitoring And Evaluation33001Social Sciences
DES313Gender And Development23001Social Sciences
DES311Research Methodology23001Social Sciences
DES309Theories of Social Development23001Social Sciences
POL344Foreign Policy Analysis33001Social Sciences
POL345Nigeria's Foreign Polity23001Social Sciences
NSC301Human Behaviour In Health And Illness33001Social Sciences
CSS380Victinology And Crime Statistics23001Social Sciences
POL343Theories And Practice Of Public Administration33001Social Sciences
INR309Field Trip33001Social Sciences
CSS331Methods Of Social Research33001Social Sciences
MAC343Radio/TV Programming33001Social Sciences
ECO323Labour And Human Resources Economics23001Social Sciences
CSS 331Methods Of Social Research23001Social Sciences
ECO332Managerial Economics33001Social Sciences
MAC311International Communication and World Global Systems
33001Social Sciences
MAC345Announcing & Performing23001Social Sciences
MAC323Photojournalism33001Social Sciences
MAC315Book/Desktop Publishing23001Social Sciences
POL322Comparative Federalism33001Social Sciences
POL315Theory And Practice Of Marxism33001Social Sciences
TSM349Introduction To Airline Management23001Social Sciences
TSM347Commercial Recreation Management23001Social Sciences
PCR373Demobilisation, Disarmament And Reintegration33001Social Sciences
PCR371Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution33001Social Sciences
PCR331History of Conflicts in Nigeria
33001Social Sciences
PCR337Principles Of Administrative Law33001Social Sciences
POL324Politics Of Development & Underdevelopment33001Social Sciences
POL317Public Policy Analysis33001Social Sciences
PCR311Philosophies And Great Personalities Of Peace33001Social Sciences
POL316Political Evaluation33001Social Sciences
INR341Asia In World Politics23001Social Sciences
INR391Nigeria's Foreign Policy I23001Social Sciences
POL311Contemporary Political Analysis33001Social Sciences
INR381International Negotiations And Diplomacy33001Social Sciences
INR371Bricks And Multilateral Diplomacy23001Social Sciences
INR361Religion, Ethnicity And Nationalism In International Politics33001Social Sciences
INR351Europe In World Politics23001Social Sciences
INR331International Law33001Social Sciences
INR321Foreign Policy Analysis33001Social Sciences
MAC333Media Station Management and Operation33001Social Sciences
MAC341Development Communication & Broadcasting33001Social Sciences
MAC331Advertising Campaign Planning & Execution33001Social Sciences
MAC313Critical Writing and Reviewing
23001Social Sciences
ECO311Research Methodology33001Social Sciences
ECO329Project Evaluation33001Social Sciences
ECO347Development Economics I23001Social Sciences
ECO355Introduction to Econometrics33001Social Sciences
ECO343Monetary Theory and Policy33001Social Sciences
ECO341Macro-Economic Theory I33001Social Sciences
PCR375Language And Information Management In Peace & Conflict Resolution33001Social Sciences
CSS381Domestic Violence33001Social Sciences
CSS361Juvenile Institutions And Juvenile Corrections In Nigeria33001Social Sciences
CSS351Prisons And Correction Of Offenders In Nigeria33001Social Sciences
CSS371Courts And Justice Administration In Nigeria33001Social Sciences
CSS343Information System Security Management33001Social Sciences
CSS341Policing And Law Enforcement In Nigeria33001Social Sciences
DES316Migration, Urbanization And Sustainable Development33002Social Sciences
DES314Project Management, Monitoring And Evaluation23002Social Sciences
DES312Health And Development23002Social Sciences
POL312Logic and Methods of Political Inquiry33002Social Sciences
INR393The International Political System23002Social Sciences
INR381International Negotiations And Diplomacy3002Social Sciences
MAC324Film, Cinema and Literature23002Social Sciences
INR302International Relations And The Media23002Social Sciences
ECO344Introduction to International Economics33002Social Sciences
INR311Introduction To Strategic Studies33002Social Sciences
PCR312Peace Research Methods33002Social Sciences
TSM350Industrial Training / Siwes63002Social Sciences
TSM310Field Trip (Practical)23002Social Sciences
TSM348Hospitality And Tourism Management23002Social Sciences
TSM342Concept, Design And Feasibility I23002Social Sciences
TSM305Tourism Sales & Marketing23002Social Sciences
PCR352Sustainable Environmental Development and Peace
33002Social Sciences
PCR374Practical Exercises In Conflict Simulation
33002Social Sciences
PCR372Introduction To Early Warning Mechanism33002Social Sciences
PAD341Public Administration In Nigeria33002Social Sciences
POL318Political Behaviour33002Social Sciences
POL301Research Methods In Political Science33002Social Sciences
POL312Logic & Methods Of Political Inquiry33002Social Sciences
INR312American Diplomacy In The 20th Century23002Social Sciences
INR372Regional Integration And Institutions23002Social Sciences
INR386Theories In International Relations33002Social Sciences
INR382Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Ii23002Social Sciences
INR342International Relations In Southern Africa23002Social Sciences
INR352International Relations In East And Central Africa23002Social Sciences
INR332War And Peace In West Africa Since 196023002Social Sciences
INR322Contemporary Strategic Studies33002Social Sciences
MAC312Newspaper Production
33002Social Sciences
MAC314Issues in Mass Media in Nigeria23002Social Sciences
MAC316Mass Comm. & National Development23002Social Sciences
MAC318Media Attachment43002Social Sciences
MAC334International Public Relation23002Social Sciences
MAC332Advertising Copy and Layout
23002Social Sciences
MAC322Editorial Writing33002Social Sciences
ECO346Financial Institutions23002Social Sciences
ECO314Operations Research23002Social Sciences
ECO348Development Economics II33002Social Sciences
ECO356Introduction To Econometrics Ii33002Social Sciences
ECO324History of Economic Thought33002Social Sciences
ECO342Macro-Economic Theory Ii33002Social Sciences
POL326Environmental Politics23002Social Sciences
PCR362Urban Violence And Security33002Social Sciences
CSS342Safety Management For Loss Prevention33002Social Sciences
CSS356Traditional And Informal Mechanisms Of Crime33002Social Sciences
CSS354Special Categories Of Offenders33002Social Sciences
CSS352Theory Of Crime And Crime Control33002Social Sciences
POL 441Development Administration400Social Sciences
POL 431Third World Dependency And Development2400Social Sciences
POL452International Law And Organization400Social Sciences
POL444Nigerian Local Government2400Social Sciences
POL441Development Administration24001Social Sciences
POL431Pol43124001Social Sciences
Pad406Public Enterprises Management4001Social Sciences
Pol412Political Sociology4001Social Sciences
INR471United States Foreign Policy24001Social Sciences
INR411The New World Economic And Political Order24001Social Sciences
CSS461Criminology 1 (For Law Students Only)44001Social Sciences
CSS411Contemporary Issues In Criminology And Securities34001Social Sciences
CSS455Forensic Science34001Social Sciences
INR481International Economic Relations24001Social Sciences
INR461Human Rights24001Social Sciences
POL452International Law & Organization34001Social Sciences
POL441Development Administration34001Social Sciences
POL401Student Research Project (Registration, Topic)64001Social Sciences
TSM447Seminar In Tourism Studies24001Social Sciences
TSM441Strategic Management In Hospitality And Tourism24001Social Sciences
POL421The Military And Politics In Africa34001Social Sciences
PCR421International Organizations and Peace Building34001Social Sciences
PCR419International Politics Of The Cold War : 1945- 199134001Social Sciences
PCR423Women, Conflict And Peace34001Social Sciences
PCR411Peace Building And Democracy34001Social Sciences
INR491China In World Politics34001Social Sciences
PCR415The Nature Of Global Terrorism34001Social Sciences
PCR417International Relations And Security
34001Social Sciences
INR451Research Methods In International Relations34001Social Sciences
INR441Contemporary Strategic Studies24001Social Sciences
INR431International Relations Of Francophone West Africa24001Social Sciences
INR421Seminar Presentation In International And Diplomatic Studies24001Social Sciences
MAC427Economics & Social Issues in Advert & PR
24001Social Sciences
MAC441Documentary Film Production34001Social Sciences
MAC425Public Relations Practice
34001Social Sciences
MAC423Book Publishing and the Law
34001Social Sciences
MAC413Data Analysis in Mass Communication24001Social Sciences
MAC421Advance Newspaper/Magazine Production
34001Social Sciences
MAC411Media Law & Ethics34001Social Sciences
ECO415Advanced Mathematical Economics64001Social Sciences
ECO459Advanced Mathematical Economics II24001Social Sciences
ECO449Health Economics24001Social Sciences
ECO443Petroleum Economics24001Social Sciences
ECO441Economics Planning I24001Social Sciences
ECO447Public Sector Economics24001Social Sciences
ECO427Comparative Economics24001Social Sciences
ECO445Intertional Trade and Finance24001Social Sciences
ECO453Applied Econometrics24001Social Sciences
ECO431Advanced Micro Economics24001Social Sciences
CSS443Traffic/Road Safety And Equipment34001Social Sciences
ENG453Language And National Development34001Social Sciences
CSS431Field Observations64001Social Sciences
CSS491Emergency, Riot And Disaster Control Management34001Social Sciences
CSS441Technical/Electronics Aspects Of Security34001Social Sciences
POL443Comparative Public Administration34002Social Sciences
INR462Africa In Regional And Global Security4002Social Sciences
POL422Revolution And Society4002Social Sciences
ECO450Applied Statistics24002Social Sciences
INR482Russia In World Politics34002Social Sciences
INR492Research Project In International Relations64002Social Sciences
INR452Energy Diplomacy And Oil Politics24002Social Sciences
CSS462Criminology 11 (For Law Students Only)44002Social Sciences
ECO440Tax And Fiscal Policy24002Social Sciences
HCM434Lodging Facilities Management24002Social Sciences
TSM450Research Project64002Social Sciences
HCM434Lodging Facilities Management24002Social Sciences
POL432Government & Administration Of Urban System34002Social Sciences
POL411Political Psychology34002Social Sciences
POL40164002Social Sciences
POL444>Student Research Project (Contd.)
Nigerian Local Government
34002Social Sciences
PCR424Governance, International Law And Fundamental Human Rights34002Social Sciences
PCR426Nationalism,Ethnicity And Federalism In Modern Politics34002Social Sciences
TSM444Global Tourism Issues24002Social Sciences
TSM442Tourism Entrepreneurship24002Social Sciences
PCR422Globalization and Peace34002Social Sciences
MAC412Media Management34002Social Sciences
POL424Political Parties & Pressure Groups34002Social Sciences
POL431Third World Dependency & Development4002Social Sciences
INR422International Institutions24002Social Sciences
INR432Afro-Asia Relations24002Social Sciences
INR412Foreign Policies Of Great Powers24002Social Sciences
MAC418Research Project64002Social Sciences
MAC444Broadcast Commentary & Announcing34002Social Sciences
MAC442Advanced Broadcast News/Programme Production
34002Social Sciences
MAC428Integrated Marketing Communication24002Social Sciences
MAC424Intertional Advertising and Production
34002Social Sciences
MAC416Sociology of Mass Communication24002Social Sciences
MAC414Science & Technology Reporting24002Social Sciences
ECO444Money and Banking24002Social Sciences
ECO452Applied Statistics24002Social Sciences
ECO448Economic Planning II24002Social Sciences
ECO44624002Social Sciences
ECO454Intertional Trade and Finance and Applied Econometrics24002Social Sciences
ECO442Advanced Macro Economics24002Social Sciences
CSS442Professional Ethics In Law Enforcement & Security Management34002Social Sciences
CSS432Human Rights Provision In Nigeria34002Social Sciences
PCR41264002Social Sciences
CSS433Project64002Social Sciences
CSS452Victims Of Crimes And Human Rights Violations34002Social Sciences
ECO721Economics Guidelines for writing seminar700Social Sciences
ECO729Applied Quantitative Analysis27001Social Sciences
ECO728Islamic Financial System27001Social Sciences
ECO727Public Sector Economics27001Social Sciences
ECO725Health Economics27001Social Sciences
ECO723Labour Economics27001Social Sciences
ECO722Industrial Economics27001Social Sciences
ECO717Advanced Monetary Economics27001Social Sciences
ECO715Research Methodology37001Social Sciences
ECO714Development Economics27001Social Sciences
ECO713Applied Econometrics37001Social Sciences
ECO711Advanced Microeconomic Theory37001Social Sciences
CSS751Introduction To Criminology And Criminological Theories37001Social Sciences
ECO719Micro-Economic Theory I37001Social Sciences
ECO718Advanced Mathematical Economics37001Social Sciences
PCR771Third Party Intervention In Conflict Resolution37001Social Sciences
PCR715Introduction To Conflict Resolution Processes I37001Social Sciences
PCR713Introduction To Peace Education37001Social Sciences
PCR711Introduction To Peace Studies37001Social Sciences
JLS721News Reporting/Writing37001Social Sciences
JLS714Communication Research37001Social Sciences
JLS713Media And Society37001Social Sciences
JLS711Introduction To Journalism37001Social Sciences
CSS745Types And Analysis Of Security Threats37001Social Sciences
CSS791Emergency, Riot And Disaster Control Management37001Social Sciences
CSS757Contemporary Issues In Criminology And Security Studies37001Social Sciences
CSS755Patterns And Trends Of Crime In Nigeria37001Social Sciences
CSS753Research Methods In Criminology37001Social Sciences
CSS743Principles Of Security Practice And Management37001Social Sciences
ECO712Advanced Macro Economics Theory37002Social Sciences
ECO731Introduction To Islamic Economics27002Social Sciences
ECO724Nigerian Financial System27002Social Sciences
PCR772Concept And Practice Of Peace Building37002Social Sciences
PCR718Project (Long Essay)67002Social Sciences
PCR716Research Methods In Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution37002Social Sciences
PCR714Introduction To Conflict Resolution Process Ii37002Social Sciences
PCR712Democracy And Good Governance37002Social Sciences
JLS716Professional Project67002Social Sciences
JLS732Principles & Practice Of Pr37002Social Sciences
JLS742Fundamentals Of Broadcasting37002Social Sciences
JLS726Speech Writing37002Social Sciences
JLS724Feature Writing37002Social Sciences
JLS722Publication Layout And Design37002Social Sciences
JLS712Media Law & Ethics37002Social Sciences
ECO726Applied Statistics27002Social Sciences
CSS747Technical/ Electronic Aspects Of Security37002Social Sciences
CSS772Criminal Justice Administration In Nigeria37002Social Sciences
CSS774Prisons And Correctional Institutions In Nigeria37002Social Sciences
CSS746Legal And Social Framework Of Private Security In Nig.37002Social Sciences
CSS744Security Planning, Development And Organization37002Social Sciences
CSS742Policing And Law Enforcement In Nigeria37002Social Sciences
CSS732Project67002Social Sciences
CSS801Advanced Theories In Criminology And Security Studies3800Social Sciences
3800Social Sciences
CSS872Criminal Justice Administration800Social Sciences
CSS852Cyber Criminology And Vulnerability38001Social Sciences
CSS 810Cybercrime And Forensic Investigation38001Social Sciences
CSS810Cybercrimes And Forensic Investigation38001Social Sciences
CSS841Policing And Law Enforcement In Nigeria38001Social Sciences
CSS843Military Intelligence, Strategic Planning And Operational Tactics/Design38001Social Sciences
CSS861Restorative Justive, Victimization And Tactics Assistance38001Social Sciences
CSS 831Research Methods In Criminology38001Social Sciences
JLS811Advanced Theories In Mass Communication38001Social Sciences
ECO824Managerial Economics38001Social Sciences
PCR873Arms Control And Demilitarisation38001Social Sciences
PCR833Ethnic Conflicts And Resolution38001Social Sciences
PCR819Human Rights And Diplomacy38001Social Sciences
PCR851Environmental Security and Conflcit Resolution38001Social Sciences
PCR815Peace Building And Humanitarianism38001Social Sciences
PCR813Peace And Security In A Global Context38001Social Sciences
PCR811Theories in Conflict Management38001Social Sciences
JLS845Issues In Communication Policy & Technology38001Social Sciences
JLS815Advanced Theories In Mass Communication38001Social Sciences
JLS813Media & Society38001Social Sciences
JLS825Editorial Writing28001Social Sciences
JLS823News Reporting/Writing38001Social Sciences
CSS 812Cybercrimes38002Social Sciences
CSS 852Cyber Criminology And Vulnerabilities38002Social Sciences
CSS830Victimology And Crime Statistics38002Social Sciences
CSS812Cybercrimes38002Social Sciences
CSS829Ethics In Security Operations And Criminal Justice38002Social Sciences
CSS808Advanced Cybercrimes And Cyber Security38002Social Sciences
CSS848Principles Of Security Practice And Management8002Social Sciences
CSS804Social Policy, Juvenile Delinquency And Criminal Justice System38002Social Sciences
ECO828Economy Industrial Analysis28002Social Sciences
PCR810Research Project In Pcr68002Social Sciences
PCR822International Law And Peace38002Social Sciences
PCR831African Traditional Methods Of Conflict Resolution38002Social Sciences
PCR817Theories Of Peace Education And Conflict38002Social Sciences
PCR812Political Economy Of Peace-Building38002Social Sciences
PCR872Research Methods in Peace and Conflict Resolution38002Social Sciences
JLS816Research Project68002Social Sciences
JLS826Speech Writing38002Social Sciences
JLS822Publication Layout And Design38002Social Sciences
JLS814Communication Research38002Social Sciences
JLS812Media Law And Ethics38002Social Sciences
ECO802Economic Theory28002Social Sciences
JLS843Elements Of Multimedia: Practice And Theory38003Social Sciences
JLS842Introduction To Web Publishing38004Social Sciences
DES413Informal Economy and Development24002Social Sciences
DES415International Organizations and Development (I)24001Social Sciences
DES419Industrialisation and Development34001Social Sciences
DES421Natural Resources and Sustainable Development24001Social Sciences
DES417Development Trends in Africa24001Social Sciences
BCJ322Community Broadcasting33001Social Sciences
FMC132Media, Culture and Films31001Social Sciences
FMC211Films and Cinema Censorship32002Social Sciences
BCJ316Public Affairs Broadcasting23002Social Sciences
FMC325Issues in Nigerian Films and Cinema33002Social Sciences
DES432Education and Development24002Social Sciences
DES426Issues in Social Development24002Social Sciences
DES422Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation24002Social Sciences
DES430International Organization and Development II24002Social Sciences
DES424Comparative Development24002Social Sciences
INR392International Politics in the Post Cold War Era23001Social Sciences
INR152INR 152 HISTORY OF EUROPE 1300 to 1945 .pdf21001Social Sciences
INR271Political Thought Plato- Machieveli22001Social Sciences
INR272New States in World Politics 22001Social Sciences
TSM403CULTURAL TOURISM24001Social Sciences
BJC312Techniques of Radio News Writting and Production3001Social Sciences
FMC423Acting for the Camera4002Social Sciences
FMC424Digital Editing and Post-Production4001Social Sciences
BCJ433Public Services Broadcasting4002Social Scieces
FMC312Film Analysis and Criticism33002Social Sciences
DES303Introduction to Community Development03001Social Sciences
HCM131Introduction to Hospitality Management21001Social Sciences
HCM348Hospitality and Travel Management23002Social Science
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