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Programme Code Programme Title Host Faculty Remarks
7406 PhD Management Information System (MIS) ACETEL Programmes
7405 PhD Cyber Security (CS) ACETEL Programmes
7404 PhD Artificial Intelligence (AI) ACETEL Programmes
7403 M.Sc. Management Information System (MIS) ACETEL Programmes
7402 M.Sc. Cyber Security (CS) ACETEL Programmes
7401 M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ACETEL Programmes
7208 B.Sc Agricultural Extension and Management Agricultural Sciences
7202 B. Agric. (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Option) Agricultural Sciences
7206 B. Agric. (Crop Production and Protection Sciences Option) Agricultural Sciences
7205 B. Agric. (Soil and Land Resources Management Option) Agricultural Sciences
7201 B. Agric. (Agricultural Economics and Agro Business Option) Agricultural Sciences
7301 PGD Agricultural Extension and Management Agricultural Sciences
7204 B. Agric. (Aquaculture and Fisheries Management Option) Agricultural Sciences
7203 B. Agric. (Animal Science Option) Agricultural Sciences
7207 B.Sc. Hotel and Catering Management Agricultural Sciences
Admission Suspended
2406 M.A. Islamic Studies Arts
2405 M.A. English Arts
2016 B.A. Philosophy Arts
2015 B.A. Yoruba Arts
2014 B.A. Hausa Arts
2210 B.A. Igbo Arts
2203 B.A. Arabic Language and Literature Arts
2403 M.A Christian Religious Studies Arts
2502 Ph.D Christian Religious Studies Arts
2305 PGD. Christian Religious Studies Arts
2208 B.A. Islamic Studies Arts
2207 B.A. Christian Religious Studies Arts
2206 B.A. French Arts
2205 B.A. English Arts
Access and GS Access and General Studies Centre for Entrepreneurship and General Studies (CE&GS)
4215 B.Sc. (Ed) Human Kinetics Education
4214 BLIS – Library and Information Science Education
4213 B.Sc.(Ed) Health Education Education
4404 M.Ed. Guidance and Counselling Education
4301 Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Education
4504 Ph.D Mathematical Education Education
4503 Ph.D Educational Technology Education
4502 Ph.D Science Education Education
4501 Ph.D Educational Administration and Planning Education
4403 M.Ed. Educational Technology Education
4402 M.Ed. Science Education Education
4401 M.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning Education
4212 B.Sc.(Ed) Business Education Education
4211 B.A.(Ed) Primary Education Education
4210 B.A.(Ed) French Education
4209 B.A.(Ed) English Education
4208 B.A.(Ed) Early Childhood Education Education
4207 B.Sc.(Ed) Physics Education
4206 B.Sc.(Ed) Mathematics Education
4205 B.Sc.(Ed) Computer Science Education
4204 B.Sc.(Ed) Integrated Science Education
4203 B.Sc.(Ed) Chemistry Education
4202 B.Sc.(Ed) Biology Education
4201 B.Sc.(Ed) Agricultural Science Education
8306 M.Sc Public Health Health Sciences Active
8302 B.Sc. Environmental Health Science Health Sciences
5206 Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc)_Old Health Sciences
Admission Suspended

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8301 Postgraduate Diploma in (PGD) HIV/AIDS Education and Management Health Sciences
Admission Suspended
8201 B.Sc Public Health Health Sciences
8204 (BNSc) Bachelor of Nursing Science Health Sciences
6201 LLB Law Law
Admission Suspended
3211 B.Sc. Transport Management Management Sciences
3414 M.Sc Entrepreneurship Management Sciences
3312 PGD Entrepreneurship Management Sciences
8304 Ph.D Business Administration Management Sciences
8303 Ph.D Public Administration Management Sciences
3209 B.Sc Banking and Finance Management Sciences
3208 B.Sc Marketing Management Sciences
3207 BSc Public Administration Management Sciences
3210 B.Sc Business Administration Management Sciences
3415 MSc Public Administration Management Sciences
3416 MSc Business Administration Management Sciences
3309 PGD Financial Management Management Sciences
Admission Suspended
3313 PGD Business Administration Management Sciences
3311 PGD Public Administration Management Sciences
3205 B.Sc Accounting Management Sciences
3204 B.Sc. Entrepreneurship Management Sciences
3411 Master of Public Administration (MPA) Management Sciences
3413 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Management Sciences
3201 B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural Development Management Sciences
5402 Ph.D Information Technology Sciences
5204 B.Sc. Data Management Sciences
Admission Suspended
5214 B.Sc Physics Sciences
5213 B.Sc Biology Sciences
5212 B.Sc Chemistry Sciences
5401 M.Sc Information Technology (Internet Options) Sciences
5305 PGD. Information Technology Sciences
5209 B.Sc. Mathematics/Computer Science Sciences
5208 B.Sc. Mathematics Sciences
5205 B.Sc. Environmental Management and Toxicology Sciences
5203 B.Sc. Computer Science Sciences
5202 B.Sc. Information Technology Sciences
2217 B.Sc. Development Studies Social Sciences
2216 B.Sc Broadcasting Social Sciences
2214 B.Sc Film Production Social Sciences
2504 Ph.D Peace Studies and Conflict resolution Social Sciences
2306 PGD Economics Social Sciences
2501 Ph.D Mass Communication Social Sciences
2404 M.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies Social Sciences
2213 B.Sc. International and Diplomatic Studies Social Sciences
Admission Suspended
2302 PGD Mass Communication Social Sciences
2209 B.Sc. Tourism Studies Social Sciences
2212 B.Sc Economics Social Sciences
2211 B.Sc. Political Science Social Sciences
2402 M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Social Sciences
2401 M.Sc. Mass Communication Social Sciences
2303 PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Social Sciences
2301 PGD. Criminology and Security Studies Social Sciences
2204 B.Sc. Mass Communication Social Sciences
2202 B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Social Sciences
2201 B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies Social Sciences


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