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Directorate of Academic Registry (DAR)

The Directorate of Academic Registry is one of the core Directorates in the Registry.  The Directorate complements the goals of the Registry to provide effective administrative support to all organs of the University in terms of records keeping and attending to various stakeholders’ demand. These goals are overarching and grounded on the overall University’s mission and vision statements.

The Directorate is driven by meaningful participation and pertinent opinions of students and staff.  It is also learner centered, discovery driven and globally engaged. The relevant question in the Directorate is – how do we help our students and stakeholders in providing administrative support services.

 The Directorate is presently headed by a Deputy Registrar, who is responsible to the Registrar for the day-to-day management and administration of the Directorate.

 The Directorate is made up of the following units:

  • Students’ Admissions Unit
  • Students’ Affairs Unit
  • Database/Records Unit
  • Senate Unit
  • Verification Unit

 These units are manned by unit heads that are responsible to the Deputy Registrar.


The Directorate affirms excellence in its daily operations through the following:

  • Quality and excellent driven services
  • Freedom of inquiry
  • Ethical behaviour and integrity
  • Focus on what benefits students
  • Shared leadership
  • Creative endeavour
  • Foster cooperation, collaboration and communication
  • Respectful, diverse and inclusive culture
  • Performance based assessment


In the Directorate, our vision and actions are the propellers, the driving force in our relationship with both internal and external visitors.

 Vision: To provide an enabling environment for quality and excellence driven services, accessibility of enquiry, with a focus on the needs of the students by a mode of performance-based assessment.

 Mission: To provide a platform to address the needs and complaints from various Stakeholders.


The general operations of the Directorate include:

(i)       Preparation for Convocation Ceremony which involves:

  • Prompt sending of Senate approved graduation list to the Study centres
  • Preparation of students’ certificates
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Scanning of all printed and duly signed certificates
  • Servicing of Ceremonials Committee
  • Maintenance and issuance of academic gowns/hoods
  • Preparation of convocation lecture and brochure

(ii)       Improving on information dissemination on University’s policies on academic matters.

(iii)      Succession Plan:  The Unit identifies, develops and maintains talented staff who have the potential to move into leadership roles.  It achieves this through leadership development, learning opportunities and mentorship.

(iv)      Finding ways of recognizing the individual and human elements in every staff.  It achieves this by training those in leadership positions to recognize good work through some simple measures.


The main activities of the unit include:

  • Processing of Credit Transfer to the University
  • Attending to enquiries on Admission Requirements
  • Attending to request on Concessional Admission
  • Conveying Management’s decision on Students involved in Examination Misconduct cases.
  • Drafting of Advertisement for admission into the University.
  • Attending to other students’ requests and complaints as may be directed from time to time.
  • Provides secretariat support services to both Statutory and Ad-hoc Committees of the University.


 The Students’ Affairs unit performs the following tasks:

  • Coordinating programmes for Students’ Matriculation and Orientation Ceremonies
  • Preparation and uploading of graduands list to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
  • Coordinating general correspondence on NYSC matters
  • Distribution and storage of Academic gowns for the University.
  • Organises the activities of ushers during Convocation Ceremonies.
  • Handling of general correspondence on JAMB Regularization.
  • Attending to other students’ support services like issuing of letters introduction, proficiency in English, reference letters.
  • Provides secretariat support services to both Statutory and Ad-hoc Committees.


The major schedules of the database/records unit are as follows:

  • Updating of students’ personal records and data
  • Handling of requests and processing of undergraduate transcripts applications.
  • Attending to students’ request requests on deferment of examinations
  • Handling of requests for statement of results
  • Attending to requests for change of programme.
  • Attending to requests for change of study centre
  • Attending to requests for correction of name
  • Provides secretariat support services to both Statutory and Ad-hoc Committees.


The Senate unit under the Academic Affairs Unit is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Providing secretarial services to the University Senate Standing and Ad-hoc Committees.
  • Conveying University Senate Policy decisions on all academic and related matters to the University.
  • Writing of reports as may be needed from time to time.
  • Responding to all correspondences from Faculties, Study Centres, Students and other Stakeholders.
  • Servicing of ad-hoc Committees of the Senate and its standing Committees.


The Verification Unit performs the following task:

  • Verification of both local and foreign results/certificates
  • Attending to request on verification of certificates/transcript issued by NOUN from local and foreign institutions.
  • Confirmation of admission and studentship status
  • Presenting spurious/counterfeit certificates and results to the Management for necessary action
  • Attending to other students’ requests and complaints as may be directed from time to time.
  • Provides secretariat support services to Senate Standing and Ad-hoc Committees

CONTACT NUMBER:     08167424141

Email: academicoffice@noun.edu.ng


1 Temitayo R.Olowola On leave of Absence tolowola@noun.edu.ng
2 Olagboye Osebi Sunday Deputy Registrar (Academic) oolagboye@noun.edu.ng
3 Joseph K.Mosugu Chief Statistician jmosugu@noun.edu.ng
4 Bako Fumen Senior Assistant Registrar bfumen@noun.edu.ng
5 Oyagbola Omobolanle M. Assist. Chief Confidential Sec gangaroot@noun.edu.ng
6 Itabi Bassey Okpe Senior Assistant Registrar iokpa@noun.edu.ng
7 Elizabeth K.Irozuru Principal Confidential Sec.1 ikingsley@noun.edu.ng
8 Chukwuma Nduka Alexandar Principal Confidentail Sec.1 nchukwuma@noun.edu.ng
9 Paul Nwabueze Ikeagwu Assistant Registrar nikeawu@noun.edu.ng
10 Eleazu Chizaram Assistant Registrar celea21@noun.edu.ng
11 Emem Sunday Principal Confidential Sec. 1 esunday@noun.edu.ng
12 Joseph Ogbomedah Senior Statistician ogbomedah@noun.edu.ng
13 Garba Y.Aliyu Admin Officer 1 galiyu@noun.edu.ng
14 Andrew E.Elias Admin Officer 1 aelia@noun.edu.ng
15 Ochanya E.Okorie Admin Officer 1 ookorie@noun.edu.ng
16 Esther Onyinye Sambo Admin Officer 1 esambo@noun.edu.ng
17 Hannatu Yakubu Lame Senior Confidential Sec Yakubu-lame@noun.edu.ng
18 Mamman Y. Mohammed Admin Officer 11 mmuhammed@noun.edu.ng
19 Ogbodo Victoria Blessing Admin Officer 11 bogbodo@noun.edu.ng
20 Olaoye Mary Oluwamumiyo Admin Officer 11 oolaoye@noun.edu.ng
21 Uthman Omotunde Basirat Higher Executive Officer buthman@noun.edu.ng
22 Ayara Uweme Sunday Admin Officer 11 uayara@noun.edu.ng
23 Aliyu Abdulgafar Admin Officer 11 mosiabdul@gmail.com
24 Aliyu Mohammed Senior Secretarial Assistant 11 aliyumohammmed32@gmail.com
25 Catherine Emmanuel Onoh Chief Secretarial Assistant rosekind4u@yahoo.com
26 Jane Tanimu Chief Clerical Officer tanimujane66@gmail.com
27 Jibrin Abubakar Mohammed Assistant Executive Officer jibrin2345@gmail.com
28 Ogunyemi Omowunmi Florence Senior Clerical Officer ogunyemiflorence362@gmail.com
29 Michael Osa Olatunde Senior Clerical Officer mclord1348@gmail.com
30 Erinfolami S.Olanrewaju Senior Clerical Officer hamzaola12@yahoo.com
31 Yusuf Ibrahim Chagga Chief Artisan (Driver) yusuf44651@yahoo.com
32 Funmilayo Ojo Ayoade Environmental Attendant
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