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Professor Ganiyat Adesina-Uthman and director Kaduna Centre director, Mr.Abdullahi monitoring the conduct of examination

The former Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Ganiyat Adesina-Uthman has visited the centres of Kaduna and Special Study Centre for the Nigerian Air Force where she assessed the conduct of the e-examination.

Adesina-Uthman said she was at the two centres to monitor and assess the atmosphere at which the examination was being conducted.

Speaking further, she revealed that she was impressed with the conduct of the examination at the  two centres and commended them for maintaining environmental neatness.

She added that the checking-in and out for the students was well in order and therefore highly commendable.

The former dean narrated that at the NAF Centre the staff have had to evacuate their offices and make it to examination venue so as make way for the students to take their examination.

“The single hall the centre was using is too small to accommodate the students, the batching would be too much,” said Adesina-Uthman.

She observed that the staff have to succumb and vacate their big office and set up systems for students to carry their exams.

She described the action of the management and staff of the centre as really commendable.

“This is the kind of efforts we want to put in,” she added.

Commenting on the Kaduna Study Centre, she said almost all the senior staff were in action right at on time.

Pointing out some of the challenges the two centre are facing, she stated that they both share a peculiar problem of lacking a big auditorium.

They also need more office space because at NAF Special Study Centre, the staff were hanging under the tree because they have sacrificed their office for the examination.

She promised to write as a major challenge in her report to the university management for speedy action.

She therefore appealed to the university management to look forward by providing a pedestrian bridge crossing the Kaduna – Zaria highway directly in front of the campus.

The former dean noted that she learned that three of the Kaduna Study Centre students were recently run over by vehicle, some were in the hospital recuperating while the other had given up and not able to write their exams.

“That lead to loosing of the university students,” she said.

She further promised to advise the university management to in a matter of urgency liaise with bodies like the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS), National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE), National Teachers Institute and other parastatals to jointly write to the Federal Government for the construction of a pedestrian bridge.

“This would surely benefit the staff, students and as well the surrounding communities around the campus and further reduce casualties,” said Adesina-Uthman.

By: Inuwa Hamza Yunusa
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