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NUC accreditation team on routine exercise at NOUN Faculty of Agric. Kaduna

The National Universities Commission’s (NUC) accreditation team has carried out its routine exercise at the National Open University of Nigeria’s (NOUN) Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Kaduna.

Professor Olusola Jamiu Salisu of Prince Abubakar Audu University, Kogi State led the routine accreditation  exercise.

The affected programme that undergone the exercise was Agricultural Economic and Extension.

The team lead said “accreditation is a routine activity by the National Universities Commission to maintain and evaluate activities and resources used in various programmes by the universities.”

Speaking on the NOUN and the programme undergoing the routine exercise, Professor Saliu hailed the university and clearly stated that the programme enjoys a lot of support of the institution.

He added that the programme has all what it takes for the programme especially the physical farm facilities inspected by the team.

Both academics and technical staff expressed their zealousness by participating in all the activities with the team, Said professor Saliu.

“They were so motivated in the part of the programme,” he added.

He lamented that the structures and farm facilities were grossly under utilized and therefore called on the management of the university to invest heavily on the facilities so as reap its purpose.

Therefore, he wished the management to continue with the best they were putting to achieve the best.

The dean Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Ahmad NJidda in an interaction with NOUN News, intimated that the team virtually inspected all the necessary academic materials and farm facilities at the faculty.

He lamented that despite  standard gauge and efficient farm facilities for the programme, they were not fully put into perspective.

He clarified that for effective and efficient utilization of the facilities to become fully functional, the university management must shower its blessings to fully establish the farm.

The team was highly impressed with the facilities on ground, said NJidda.

The dean, narrated that all academic facilities that enhanced learning were in good shape and on ground.

The only challenge being encountered by the Faculty is econometric laboratory which was confirmed not available at the Faculty, said NJidda.

The facilities inspected include the Faculty, Academic Materials, Fish Hatchery, Fish Pond, Poultry Farm, Goats Pen, Cow Pen and host of other relevant facilities on ground.

The representative of the Directorate of Academic planning, Mrs. Sumayya Haruna Anani stood for the Director,  the dean, HOD, lecturers and technical staff fully took part of the exercise,

The team has since left for the university Headquarters for the rest of the proceedings.


By Inuwa Hamza Yunusa
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